"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra."
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 I love plaster! It's the one medium that can change the look of your room in so many ways. What was once flat white walls are now warm rich and inviting. Raised plaster, painter in Sherwin Williams Latte (my new favorite) and glazed in Tea Chest. When this couple came home to see this room complete, the husband stood behind the wife and moutherd the words "Man Cave"  I will be curious to see who wins!
If you plan to put your home on the market, now is the time to get it ready. In todays market, the going is tough and the buyer wants more for the money. Todays seller cant afford to put their house on the market and let it sit, and it will sit if you have a kitchen or bath that isn't up to date. Before you put it on the market look at other homes in the area like yours and see what it offers and how long it's been For Sale. If you want to move your home, let's chat and put your home on the market with it's best potential. The home above had a beautiful layout but needed updating. New lighting, carpet and paint will get this home sold in no time and I wish them great luck on their new adventure!
Inspiration can come from anything! A swatch of fabric a great pillow or pick the red you have always craved from a piece of fruit! Have you ever looked at a Red Delicious apple and thought, I Love this red? Whether it's  food, fabric's or nature the color pallette is your oyster! Find the color your drawn to, it's in your house and even the clothes you choose to wear. Let's create a room that's all about you!
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